Manual Operation

Global Stainless Systems also offers a manually-operated keg washer in a single head model. It has two, 20-gallon tanks, one for cleaner, and one for sanitizer. An on board pump is included for the cleaning side. You can use your own portable pump on the sanitary side, or order the unit with a pump for an additional cost. The unit has manually operated ball valves for the water, air, CO2, cleaner and sanitizer, and also for the drain returns to each tank and the main drain. There is a CIP type taphead for the spear valve. You can also add a 3,000 Watt, single phase heater with control for an additional nominal cost.


  • Five hand-operated ball valves for process
  • Three hand-operated ball valves for drains
  • Approximately 30" deep by 42" wide, loading bars at 32"
  • Options include (for additional cost):
      –      A 3,000 Watt, single phase heater with control
      –      An additional pump for the sanitizer

Power Reference:

  • w/o heater – 15 Amp, 120 V, single phase
  • w/heater – 30 Amp, 120 V, single phase