"The time has come for distilling equipment to be simple and efficient, without all the frills that can make a system an over-the-top investment. Global Stainless Systems has shown that this can be done." 
—Lee Medoff, Bull Run Distillery



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Whether it’s a simple whiskey still or a gin still with a multi-plate side column, Global Stainless Systems can meet your needs.

We offer several styles of stills from stainless/copper to all copper with an onion dome, and full systems designed for either malted grain or un-malted grain and corn.

GSS understands the expense of starting up a distillery and, with the help of local distillers, have designed a basic workhorse still using a stainless body with a copper top and copper column that produces a perfect product, is economic, and looks good in the front window. It also allows you to stay within a reasonable start-up budget.

We also have a full line of all-copper stills and all-copper side columns to suit your needs.

The stills shown below are 300 and 600 gallon batch size and all are in production. They each have different column arrangements based on the products they are making. 





Whiskey Still

This 600 gallon still is used primarily for whiskey. It was designed with an access door on the top of the column so they could add botanicals or other products to their production.




Dual Still

This is a dual still arrangement with one still acting as a whiskey still or a stripping still, while the second still has the bubbler plate column with a deflegmator on top of it.


Adaptable Whiskey Still

This 600 gallon still has a basic whiskey column, but with the option of top access for botanicals if desired. It also has a five-plate side column, piped separately for individual use, and with a deflegmator on the top.

Additional Equipment

Global Stainless Systems also supplies mash tuns, fermenters, holding/mixing tanks and mash cookers. Support equipment includes boilers, glycol chillers, grain mills and augers, pumps, valves, hoses and fittings. We have years of experience in designing how the equipment fits into your space, outlining the utility specifications, working with your contractor and local inspectors to streamline the design and permitting process. Unlike fixed-size stills that are built overseas, GSS will design your equipment to fit your space and your needs. All of our equipment is manufactured at our facility just south of Portland Oregon.