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GSS Semi-Automatic Keg Washers

No more wrestling with hoses and tap heads! The GSS Semi-Automatic Keg Washers are simply the fastest, most efficient machines for mid-size breweries on the market today.

Global Stainless Systems is the only manufacturer of semi-automatic single, or dual head keg washers of this kind for mid-level and small size breweries.

The GSS Semi-Automatic Keg Washers are offered as a dual-head unit and a single-head design. We also offer a manually-operated keg cleaner in a single station model. Click below for more...


"The GSS keg washer is the most efficient, user friendly washer I've been lucky enough to work with. What used to be a 8 hour day of dumping chemicals and hot water down the drain, all the while worrying if the kegs are actually clean, has turned into a 3 hour (almost fun) exercise which uses a tenth of the water, chemicals, and energy as our old system. It's a beauty of a machine!"

—Carsten Haney, Head Brewer, Alameda Brewhouse


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