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GSS Semi-Automatic Keg Washer: Dual-Head

The GSS Semi-Automatic Dual-Head Keg Washer is designed with two automatic, custom, cleaning heads. The GSS keg lock-down device guides the keg valve neck into the clamp. Once the control lever is engaged, the clamp locks the keg in place while the custom cleaning head inserts into the keg valve as it locks the keg into place. Then, run the automatic program, disengage the cylinder, and remove the keg. That’s all there is to it!

What’s more, as a dual-head machine, you can load and start one keg, then while it’s running, load and start a second keg for a more efficient, constant, cleaning process!

The dual-head unit has two tanks, one for cleaning solution and one for sanitizer; each tank has its own pump, and the cleaning solution tank is heated.

Features Dual Station Keg Washer

Requirements GSS Semi-Automatic Dual-Head Keg Washer.

* Cycle times vary. The actual cleaning time is approximately 3 minutes. Variable process time is caused by the initial dump cycle, keg handling practice, keg loading, and modifications to time cycle.

** Single phase is available.


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